Bridges & Wharf


Bridges & Wharf



The Gaspereau River physically divides Port Elgin, which allows the village to have the unique charm of four bridges that span it. There are two highway bridges, a footbridge, locally known as the “Slab Bridge” and an abandoned railway bridge that forms part of the Trans Canada Trail.

As the Gaspereau is a tidal river, the views are constantly changing. Due to variances in water depth, recreational boating is limited during certain times each day. However, even at low tide, it provides the perfect opportunity to observe the interaction between sea, land, and fresh water habitat. With its sheltered harbor and tranquil water, excellent conditions prevail to allow canoeing and kayaking.

Speckled Trout, Striped Bass, Rainbow Smelt, Atlantic Salmon, Gaspereau, Blueback Herring and American Eels are a sampling of some species of fish that have been recorded in the Gaspereau River.



Located on Station Street is the Village Wharf. During the spring Herring season, there are still a few fishermen seeking the shelter of the harbor to moor their vessels here. It is a spectacular sight! The wharf also features a boat slip, which allows for easy access to the Gaspereau River and Baie Verte for recreational boaters and commercial fishermen.