Nature Trails / Hikes


Nature Trails & Hikes


Port Elgin boasts over 70 kilometres of trails. These greenway corridors offer a variety of both linear and looped trails using abandoned railway lines, logging roads, and paths. Since there are no significant grades, access, whether by hiking, walking, or cycling is relatively easy. They offer the perfect opportunity to study nature, and be one with the environment. These rambling trails allow you to travel through riverside parks, woodlands and open fields. Salt marshes and dykes are alive with the sights, and sounds of native wildlife and plants.

Port Elgin offers a broad range of different types of walking and hiking experiences.

Port Elgin Scenic Walk

The Port Elgin Scenic Walk is a pleasant 2.2 km walking tour through the village’s streets and the Rotary Waterfowl Park, locally known as the Port Elgin Pond.

Ft. Gaspareaux Trail

Beginning at the end of Mill St. through wooded and marshy areas ending at the mouth of the Gaspareaux River.

Parks & Picnic Areas


  • Memorial Park (Shemogue Road)
  • Harbour View Park (Station Street)
  • Port Elgin Rotary Pond
  • Fort Gaspareaux National Historic Site (Fort Street)
  • Riverside Park (Baie Verte)
  • Goodwin’s Pond (Baie Verte)
  • Murry Beach Provincial Park (Murray Corner)

Village Park