Heritage Attractions


Heritage Attractions


Heritage architecture awaits you as you stroll along our tree-lined streets. The buildings in our downtown core still whisper of the past, with their styling and the unique experiences that await you as you browse through their many offerings.

The Monro Heritage Centre

The Monro Heritage Centre is one of the oldest structures in Port Elgin. It has been newly renovated, and today houses a trail interpretation centre, a community museum as well as Heritage Canada displays on the history of Fort Gaspereau and the neighboring community of Baie Verte.

Telephone: 1 (506) 538-2109

Cape Jourimain Nature Centre

There is so much to do at Cape Jourimain. Hike the scenic trails and birdwatch. Enjoy a meal in the Restaurant and browse the Gift Shop. Sit on the beach and watch the sunset over the Confederation Bridge.

Ft. Gaspareaux

Fort Gaspareaux was a French fort at the head of Baie Verte near the mouth of the Gaspareaux River and just southeast of the modern village of Port Elgin, New Brunswick, Canada, on the Isthmus of Chignecto.